Video: Olby names Mary Katharine Ham "worst person in the world"

What deadly sin could she have committed to earn such a distinction? Quote:

HAM: Well, I think Clinton has a duality. You know, he’s the charming guy, he’s the nice guy, but he’s also a guy who’s prone to eruptions and some falsehoods.

You know, he’s like The Incredible Hulk, except he turns sort of purple and blotchy instead of green. But, you know, I think he’s sort of a victim of the — or not a victim, but he’s getting used to the 24-hour news cycle. When he was president, he was not subjected to quite as much scrutiny, and I think he got a lot of passes, and now he’s mad he’s not getting them anymore.

Mind you, she’s referring to a man whom certain members of the press literally offered to fellate. But never mind that. Her misdeed is to deny the Olby Creation Myth, duly repeated in nearly every interview he gives and alluded to here, in which having to do 200+ shows on Monicagate during his first stint at MSNBC drove him to such Beale-esque despair that he emerged from the ashes as a second Murrow, spouting moronic derivative catchphrases (“good night and good luck”) and burdening his viewers periodically with tedious, vaudevillean performance art pieces in which he emotes about the ruining of America for his slackjawed left-wing audience. Nowhere did MK suggest that Clinton had gotten a pass about Monica, only that he’d gotten passes otherwise, but Olby’s never been overly concerned with close scrutiny of his targets’ pronouncements so why should this be any different?

Consider this, then, lie number 21. And memo to Mary Katharine, whose youth is so snidely derogated by this sniveling jackass: If you want to see what giving the Clintons a pass really looks like, watch this.

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David Strom 8:41 PM on March 20, 2023