Grandfatherly libertarian cult leader to be grilled about race war at tomorrow night's debate

I don’t know that for a fact, but Chris Wallace isn’t one to shy from tough questions and he’d never live it down if he gave the Bircher King a pass on the recent “troubles,” so expect something in this vein. What we do know is that, contra last weekend’s debate, the Confederacy’s Greatest Patriot will be participating. I like to think they were leaning towards excluding him until the TNR story broke, at which point sure, Ron, see you there. If they’re going to prop his wretched ass up for another 90 minutes of free TV time, they might as well make him tapdance to earn it.

Any predictions on whether we’ll see contrition beyond the halfhearted “I take moral responsibility” soundbite loop he resorts to when asked about this? If he genuinely regretted it, he’d have come clean and made a show about retracting long ago. What we’re in store for, I suspect, is another digging-in along the lines of what he said in this clip, implying that Nazis really aren’t any worse than military contractors when push comes to shove so shouldn’t the other boys on stage be apologizing too? The Paulnuts will love that but it’ll send the less “afflicted” Paul supporters off on an even more manic bout of squirming than we’ve observed the past two days. A tapdancing chorus line, if you will.

David Frum plucked a few choice quotes from the Hit & Run comment section challenging the prevailing rEVOLutionary wisdom. Don’t miss it.

Update: Shame, or post-NH discouragement? It can’t be shame.