Video: Democrats boo Hillary in New Hampshire

Obama 37, Hillary 27, a nine-point Iowa bounce for the Messiah with black voters across the country poised to defect from the Clinton camp. She’s not quite on life support but the IV is being prepared. You’re clicking the image and skipping ahead to 1:00:30, 1:01:40 (the big boos) and then to 1:11:00, with her professions of “change” and warnings about the audacity of false hopes drawing the fire.

Confirming the Times’s suspicions, the same Rasmussen poll’s got Maverick up five now thanks to a four-point anti-bounce for Mitt. Huck’s gunning for third in the state but, interestingly, hasn’t gained anything (yet) from his Iowa win and momentarily trails Ron Paul. Is the Paulnut the deus ex machina that deflates the Huckabee balloon? GOTV, New Hampshire Truthers!

Update: Recriminationsmania!