Did Huck's "cancelled" ad run in Iowa anyway?

TPM says yes. Remember, it was sent out to local TV stations before Huck had his alleged eleventh-hour change of heart — although as Jim Geraghty noted this morning, the timeline appears to be somewhat … nuanced. In theory someone might have missed the memo and ran it against the campaign’s wishes. Except that Huck announced he was yanking the ad on Monday and TPM says the spot ran last night. They missed the memo by a full day?

Does it matter, though? Wouldn’t you know it, America’s most famously conservative cable news channel somehow managed to obtain an exclusive clean copy of the spot — not a bootleg, shot on the scene a la Mark Halperin as Huck aired it for reporters, but a master copy — and ran it last night during Hannity & Colmes. Not enough viewers? I guess not, because check out the following clip of what went down on the Factor about a half hour ago. Your exit question: Did Carl Cameron get the copy from one of those local stations or did this one come special delivery from Huckabee HQ?

Update: A commenter says Cameron told Greta Van Susteren last night that the ad didn’t come from Huckabee’s camp.