Video: "The Hillary I Know"

In which the woman known to us as the Glacier asks us to embrace her for her warmth. This is her answer to Obama’s Oprah ploy aimed at women voters, I guess, and proof once again of how desperate she is: Her (relative) hawkishness, her request to sit on the Armed Services Committee, all of it’s been calculated to soothe voters worried that a woman C-in-C wouldn’t be strong enough to make the tough calls on foreign policy. To suddenly switch up and emphasize the softer side, capped by an emotional moment today in Iowa, suggests panic. And to do it all in the guise of a likeability campaign — well, let’s just say that trying to out-likeable Obama is like trying to out-9/11 Giuliani.

I do give her some boldness points by association, though, for what Bob Kerrey said today about his “Barack Hussein Obama” comment to WaPo, that he brought it up to encourage Obama: “I know that middle name is seen as a weakness by Republicans, but I don’t think it is. I think it enables him to speak to a billion Muslims around the world.” That’s how they should have spun Billy Shaheen’s crack last week about Obama’s youthful indiscretions. “No no, we think Senator Obama’s prior drug use is a good thing. It leaves him uniquely positioned to reach out to cokeheads.”

Here she is this morning on the Today Show studiously avoiding anything resembling a direct answer to Gregory’s questions. For once HuffPo’s headline is on the money.