Burning question: What did Huck think of "I *Heart* Huckabees"?

The wrong answer would have destroyed his remaining credibility as a candidate. Luckily for him, he comes through. All this and more as Barely Political ventures beyond the “hot girl lip syncing” format and embraces the “hot girl disarming candidates with her hotness and faux naivete” approach. Plus a cameo from Chuck Norris!

Exit question: Is Huck really the Republican Democrats fear most? And if so, is it because his Republicanism is so highly … nuanced?

[W]hen he announced he was giving up his ministry for a 1992 Senate run, many of his confidants, as well as Baptists across the state, were shocked. He had not hinted about his ambitions. And while the Rev. Pat Robertson had run for president four years before, a local pastor running for Senate was something else entirely…

Some followers were surprised that he was running as a Republican. Mr. Huckabee told them the Republican Party was “just one vehicle to the goal of getting into office,” Mr. Barnette said

[As governor] Mr. Huckabee never abandoned his stances on issues like abortion and same-sex marriage, but his efforts on these issues seemed more show than substance, some observers say.

“Typically in a legislative session he would put forward a primarily symbolic social issue for the session: a “choose life” license plate, for instance, Mr. Barth said. The bill would pass, social conservatives would be satisfied, and the governor would be free to do the health care and education work he was becoming increasingly passionate about.