Hell freezes over: "I think the surge is working," says Murtha

Via Bill Amos. I’m not giving you the direct link yet; I want you to watch this clip from July first so you can appreciate his ignorance, hypocrisy, and defeatism. CNN had him on for reaction after lefty war supporters Michael O’Hanlon and Kenneth Pollack returned from a week in Iraq and declared that conditions were improving, drawing furious attacks from the nutroots and the fawning cretins in Congress who represent them. A trip to Iraq, sneers Murtha; who could learn anything meaningful from that?

“It’s an illusion.”

Now here’s the link. Jack Murtha — just back from a trip to Iraq.

“I think the ‘surge’ is working,” the Democrat said in a videoconference from his Johnstown office, describing the president’s decision to commit more than 20,000 additional combat troops this year. But the Iraqis “have got to take care of themselves.”

Violence has dropped significantly in recent months, but Mr. Murtha said he was most encouraged by changes in the once-volatile Anbar province, where locals have started working closely with U.S. forces to isolate insurgents linked to Al Qaeda…

Mr. Murtha’s four day-trip took him to a Thanksgiving dinner with troops in Kuwait last Thursday, and he then made stops in Iraq, Turkey and Belgium.

He qualifies it by insisting the Iraqis need to do better on political reconciliation, a conclusion also reached by, um, everyone.

Oh, and he’s suddenly in the mood for a compromise on that timetable he’s been insisting on.

Normally this would call for the humpbot video, but his mood while admitting this couldn’t have been too hump-ish. A more appropriate greeting, then, upon his new membership in a different kind of reality-based community:

Update: See-Dub suggests this Hot Air favorite as a better expression of the scalding blast of reality now hitting Murtha in the face.

Update: Is this the first stirring of the “declare victory and go home” withdrawal strategy?

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