The evangelical case against Huckabee

Well, not the case. A case, made by Slublog on this gray day in which the GOP contemplates doing battle next November against a tax-and-spend nanny stater with … a tax-and-spend nanny stater. I’ve included the clip below from September where he talked about banning smoking in workplaces nationwide. Slu wonders in passing if he’ll be proposing a constitutional amendment to get that done. I doubt it; expect him to wield the Commerce Clause like a mighty hammer.

I leave you with this, transcribed by a lefty source and therefore worthy of healthy skepticism but alarming insofar as … it does sound like him, doesn’t it? Remember when Brownback, quoting Mother Teresa, declared, “All for Jesus”? Huck’s a little more specific:

As Arkansas governor, Huckabee added, “I had to come to the conclusion that I only had one client… when I laid my head on the pillow, I’d say, ‘Lord, are you pleased?’ … even if I get voted out of office, I’ll never get voted out of heaven.”