Open thread: The snowman cometh; Update: Bloodsport

I sense a great disturbance in the ‘sphere for this one. The polls are in flux, the tone has turned negative, and we’ve got a bona fide freak show format on tap. 8 p.m. on CNN: anything can happen. MM and Bryan are going to take liveblogging to the next level tonight, but if you’re not commenting over there then go on and sound off below. I might actually watch this one, so good are the odds that we’re in for bloodsport.

In theory everyone’s gunning for Mitt but the shock poll from earlier today and late word of Rick Warren sounding impressed with Huck complicates things. Rudy and Huckabee have made nice so far out of mutual interest in hurting Romney but Huck’s gaining on him in Florida, which is Giuliani’s must-have. He wants Mitt taken out in Iowa but not at the price of launching a Huckabee juggernaut. Will he attack Huck tonight or will he and Mitt continue their feud, leaving McCain to position himself as the statesman above the fray? As for Fred, the snowman’s already got one of his tough questions lined up for him. Here’s a better question: Dude?

While you wait, go see the latest dirty trick being played in Iowa. This one’s a twofer; Ace thinks Huckabee’s behind it, but only because he wants him to be. Take a look at this too. The Democrats are once again way ahead of the new media curve, although the GOP shouldn’t have much trouble replicating it. Finally, the Hammer’s down in Petersburg tonight interviewing whichever campaign spokesmen she can corral. Why Townhall would waste her creativity on running around to get the same soundbites the cable news nets will have later is beyond me, but she’s always worth watching. Here she is with Team Rudy and with Team Romney.

Finally, a valentine to Mitt from the Republican Majority for Choice. I didn’t even know they existed. Click the image to watch.


Update: If you’re not watching, tune in now because they’re going at it hammer and tongs on immigration. Video later

Update: Here’s the bloodsport video between Mitt and Rudy.