Rasmussen: Fred now trails Huckabee nationally?

He played up the fact that he’s second in the national polls during his mano-a-mano with Chris Wallace on Sunday, and according to the RCP average he is. In only two of the last six polls has he had second place to himself, though; in two others he’s been tied with Romney and actually trailed Romney in a third (the admittedly outlier-ish ARG). Rasmussen’s daily numbers do bounce around a bit — note Mitt’s fleeting surge on November 13-15, followed by his return to earth — so we might well see a return to form tomorrow, but after a month of inching closer Huck finally vaulted past him today. Do a long scroll down through RCP’s archive of (three-day) national polls and you’ll see this is the first survey from any pollster where Huckabee’s bested him. Rudy 23, Mitt 15, Huck 13, McCain and Fred 12.

The good news for Fred is that he’s still well ahead of him (albeit behind Romney) in Florida. Or is he? Exit question: Now that Huckabee’s proved he’s a serious candidate, what are the yet-to-endorse evangelicals waiting for?