Finally: YouTube boots "Jew Watch" cretin

Reader Abe L. e-mails with the good word. Our first post about this turd, urging people to flag him, ran in February; another came in April after YouTube declined to act; then another mention in August, at which point I threw in the towel. The burning question: Was he finally bounced for inappropriate content — or for trying to game YouTube’s system with sockpuppets to boost his audience? Watch this clip someone posted last month. They accuse him of having created dummy accounts which he would use to subscribe to his own videos. I’m not convinced, though. YouTube doesn’t want for scum attracted to what Weltner was pitching; it’s no surprise that he’d turn up regularly in the list of the 100 most viewed news and politics vids.

The language here is rather jalapeno so skip it if you don’t like your rants spicy.

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