Video: Voter asks McCain, "How do we beat the bitch?"

Further to this morning’s post about the sexist landmines that await Hillary’s rivals, here’s J-Mac getting caught flatfooted on the trail by a little, ahem, “straight talk” from the heartland. TPM offers an obligatory, listless Enlightened Finger-Wag of Shame here, but you can tell their heart isn’t in it. For three reasons:

1. It’s Maverick.
2. McCain duly notes that he respects Hillary, as well he might. After all, they’re drinking buddies.
3. As you’re about to see, the Absolute Moral Authority quotient of this particular voter makes it a bit harder to demagogue.

TPM didn’t even mention this. You’re slipping, boys. Click the image to watch.

Update: Oh, how I pray this incident somehow trickles up to Hot Topics on “The View” tomorrow. Oh, the fun we’ll have.


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