Video: Laura Ingraham clashes with Whoopi, Behar on "The View"; Update: Modeling video reluctantly added

Barbara gets a rhetorical backhand too for the media’s Iraq defeatism. I didn’t want to press my luck with fair use so I stuck to the bare essentials, but you can’t fully appreciate this clip without having seen the ton o’ crap that was the first segment. Hasselbeck called in to reveal her newborn son’s name (guess) and then the panelists — Laura excepted, thank god — took turns showing off budget clothing their stylist had picked out for them to model. Is it possible to hear a human being cringe? Listen closely and focus on Ingraham. Maybe. Just maybe.

Alas, the promised revenge for Behar’s maligning of MM on Bill Maher’s show is left untaken but there’s enough hostility between Laura and Whoopi to compensate. Dig in.

Update: Hold the phone — Bryan e-mails to point out that Laura did model her outfit in the first segment.

I fear I have no choice but to cut it. Stand by for heart-achy video.

Update: Excruciating. Although I confess, if I were Neil Cavuto, I’d be sorely tempted to open and close every episode of my show with this clip from now on.

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