Video: Olbermann apologizes for smearing Giuliani, sort of

He’s rilly rilly sorry — sorry, that is, that Rudy would joke about something as absurd as a Democratic president inviting Bashar Assad to the White House. Where on earth did Giuliani get a crazy idea like that? And Ahmadinejad, a state sponsor of terror (in Rudy’s view, not Olby’s, natch)? Why would Rudy ever think the Democrats would invite him to Washington? Never mind that Barack Obama said as recently as yesterday that he’d negotiate personally with Iran without preconditions.

Notice also how the error gets shunted off onto the Associated Press even though Olby played the videotape with the accurate quote right before his own discussion of it with Arianna. Acknowledging that he ran it at the time, he insists “the tape … shows both what Mr. Giuliani actually said and why there was widespread confusion about that.” Er, no, it doesn’t. It’s clear as day what Rudy actually said. You just didn’t pay enough attention to notice.

As “revenge” for his mistake, Olby made Giuliani the worse, worser, and worst person in the world tonight. You stay classy, MSNBC.

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