Video: Silky plays the absolute moral authority card

Three months ago he was leading in Iowa, three months later he’s 10 points down. The last refuge of the floundering campaign is the invocation of absolute moral authority, as we saw when McCain went this route in August after his campaign had cratered financially. The result was an inspiring ad that hasn’t much helped. Silky’s version is more subtle, only alluding to Elizabeth Edwards’s condition but clear enough in its intent. Don’t call him a hero; it’s working-class Americans who are the real heroes, he declares, before recounting how he heroically pressed on after her diagnosis to heroically give those working-class Americans a heroic voice. Note his promise too that they’re not going to “quietly go away.” In populist Silkyland, we’re never far from the great unnamed They that’s trying to silence him or distract from his message. Sometimes it’s Republicans, sometimes it’s the media, sometimes it’s Ann Coulter, sometimes it’s just bourgeois Corporate Interests trying to squelch the proletariat like they always do. Nice to see that it doesn’t work.

Out with the old nutroots darling, in with the new nutroots darling. Dodd’s new ad, also in the health care vein, follows below. It’s goofy but makes a good point about Hillary.

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