Video: Sarkozy walks out on Lesley Stahl

It’s in two segments. The harbingers of pissiness begin at 5:10 of the clip and continue until 6:00, and then the fun starts in earnest at 11:30. The obvious recent comparison is to Ahnuld giving Claire Shipman the secret authority handshake but it was easier in that case to decide whom to root for. Who’s our horse here? Instinct says to side with the American over the Frenchman — but Sarko’s a pro-American Frenchman and Stahl’s a card-carrying member of the mainstream media. Plus, she’s asking him about a painful subject — but a newsworthy one, and she does so politely. We’re going to have to go to the scorecards.

Decision: Sarko wins, but only because of Stahl’s condescending affected “deep breath” to try to calm him down. Click the image to watch.


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