The obligatory "Telegraph ranks America's 100 most influential conservatives" post

A transparent bid for attention from American Internet users. Here’s my two bits, boys. Done and done. I’m not made of stone.

You had me at “massive traffic.”

Blogger and author

Born in Philadelphia to Filipino parents, Malkin’s and Hot Air websites attract massive traffic while her column is syndicated to 200 newspapers. She has enthusiastically embraced multi-media to spread her message and take the Liberal mainstream media to task.

Her outspoken opposition to “amnesty” for illegal immigrants reflects the views of most grassroots Conservatives. At 37 and already battle-tested in the culture wars, her influence looks certain to grow and grow.

The Telegraph is both foreign (i.e. British) and conservative, which explains the unusually sneer-free tone here. Although the reference to her ethnic background is kind of curious.

Here’s the liberal list of 81-100. They’ll be rolling out the rest of it each day this week. Exit question one: As much as we cherish the boss, is anyone on that list really more influential than, um, Peter Pace? Exit question two: How sweet is it that she’s three rungs above the rEVOLution? Just the thought of Paulnuts reading that and my week is made.

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David Strom 6:01 PM on March 29, 2023