Obama on Romney's "Osama" gaffe: Do I smell racism?

Huh. Maybe Junior was righter than he knew.

This is going to make for some primo vicarious fake outrage on the left tomorrow.

“Can you describe the differences between yourself and Osama Bin Laden?” a voter asked Senator Obama, D-Ill., on Wednesday during a town hall in Dover, New Hampshire.

Laughing of the voter’s question, Obama replied, “Well, you know, Mitt Romney’s been very confused about this,” referencing a recent gaffe committed by Mitt Romney in which the former Massachusetts governor and potential Republican rival repeatedly used Obama’s name instead of Osama Bin Laden’s name during a discussion of terrorism at an event Tuesday in South Carolina…

But then Obama, who intially seemed to shrug off Romney’s comments, continued, “And I think when Romney starts saying this stuff — sometimes it might be honest mistakes, sometimes no. You don’t know.”

“But I have no doubt that there will be some of that, trying to make me into this foreign, you know, odd clearly black – person. And to scare people,” Obama concluded.

A big thanks to all the people on our side who continue, very stupidly, to refer to him by his middle name and accuse him of being a closet Muslim. You’ve given him all the credence he needs for accusations like this.

Now, follow the link and see which two key differences jumped to mind when he tried to answer the voter’s question about him and Osama.

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