Ron Paul supporters advertising on Stormfront now?

Via Fullosseous Flap, the screencap doesn’t lie. Or does it? Click for full size.


If you want to see for yourself, it’s at the bottom of the thread here. Note that the “Ron Paul for President” text isn’t part of the ad; it simply redirects to the top of the SF thread. The ad is the graphic immediately below it, which points here, at a site that should be familiar to you by now. A serious, honest question for our web-savvier readers: Is it possible to do some sort of ad buy across a whole swath of online bulletin boards such that any mention of Ron Paul on one of those boards will automatically trigger placement of the ad? If so, it would absolve the November 5th people from the charge of deliberately advertising on Stormfront. Follow-up question, though: If it is possible, is it also possible to designate certain bulletin boards as no-go areas where the ad shouldn’t appear, even if Paul is mentioned? That would point back towards deliberation, which, let’s face it, isn’t all that unlikely from a site predisposed to “V for Vendetta” metaphors.

Let’s say, hypothetically, that the organizers of the November 5th fundraiser — or rather the Guy Fawkes Day fundraiser, as I assume they’d prefer it to be known — actually did choose to advertise on a white supremacist website. Will America’s Greatest Patriot still be accepting the funds raised from the event? We know that he’s capable of taking strong, principled stands about refusing money from unsavory influences. Presumably Nazis and Truthers also qualify as unsavory. Or are they just practicing their own brand of EVOL in the rEVOLution?