Hillary refunds only 41% of tainted donations bundled by Hsu -- or does she?

Some of you asked for more of the sweet, sweet Hsugar in the Imus thread so I’m pouring it on you, in the name of love. It’s well nigh miraculous that the campaign refunded any of the spoiled dough: remember, it was days after the scandal first broke before they promised to do so and even then they declared their intent to ask the bundled donors to re-donate the refunds. The third quarter numbers are finally out now, and after some cursory number-crunching Flip says something’s still amiss:

Consider this a rough cut through the data, subject to revision, but I’m showing more than $125,000 in thus far unrefunded contributions made by previously identified suspected Hsu straw donors (most of whom the Clinton campaign seems to acknowledge as Hsu-connected donors by virtue of the partial refunds they issued during the quarter)…

As currently illustrated, the Clinton campaign appears to have refunded just over 40% of the previously identified Hsu-connected donations…

It’s also important to remember that any of these Clinton donors who were reimbursed by Norman Hsu for such donations (allegedly with funds Hsu swindled out of unwitting investors) are not the legitimate owners of those funds.

Indeed. If any were reimbursed — and the complaint against Hsu alleges that at least one of his bundlees was — then the reimbursed donation properly belongs to Hsu, or at this point, to his creditors and victims.

So Hillary’s still holding on tight to at least $125,000+. Or is she? The LA Times ran the numbers too and they’re claiming that of the $850,000 in total tainted contributions, she gave back $804,850. Obviously, with less than $50K in yet-to-be-refunded donations by their estimate, either their numbers or Flip’s don’t add up. I e-mailed him last night to ask whether that $125K difference might be explained by some of the bundlees having re-donated the refunded money, but he says those would be shown as separate donations so he’d have noticed them. I’m thinking what may have happened is that Flip’s list of suspected Hsu bundlees includes people who aren’t in fact Hsu bundlees and therefore aren’t entitled to a refund. Indeed, the Times lists the total number as 249 and Flip describes it as “some 260 donors.” I’ll update when he does.

You wanted the Hsugar, you got it.

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David Strom 4:01 PM on October 03, 2022