Coulter's website hacked?

A real attack on a conservative to bookend the story about a fake attack on a liberal. I didn’t get to see the page myself while it was up but Double Plus Undead did and someone was shrewd enough to preserve it at Photobucket. It’s the standard leftist fantasy about a prominent right-winger having a David Brock-ish Pauline conversion on the road to Damascus and repenting of his or her ways. Doubtless it’s tempting to AC — if you think she’s a bestseller now, imagine how she’d do reversing field and attacking the right — but I’m inclined to believe, against all liberal hope, that the conservative pundettes really do mean what they say on television. Call it a hunch.

Update: A reader e-mails to say he can’t access the Photobucket image. If you’re in the same boat, click the thumbnail below: