Joy Behar: Michelle's "a selfish bitch, probably"

As I said once before, Rosie drew most of the flak but there’s never been any doubt who the weakest link is in the View’s intellectual chain. We’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of this braying idiot over the past year, and while it’d be lovely to think that some of it trickled down to her and provoked a little payback, I suspect this is just Behar being Behar — ingratiating herself with the rest of the team by taking a crude, witless swipe at conservatives. And to think, I bought the boss a View mug last Christmas. You may hate us, Joy, but we like you.

Ah well. The one nice thing about leftist-approved attacks like this is that they reset the bar for what constitutes civilized political discourse. File “selfish bitch” away somewhere safe for future use. Click the image to watch.


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