Belated audio: Atheist radio!

I opened a thread for its debut last week when it was supposed to, but didn’t, air. No matter: the mp3 is now available at Air America in case you’re curious. Hitchens turns up at the halfway point for an interview, the highlight of which is his theory of churchgoing and the lowlight his repulsive comparison of Israel to Pakistan as quasi-fundamentalist regimes with nuclear weapons. If you’re not in the mood, listen at least to the first few minutes at the beginning to see the depths of self-parody to which the program inadvertently sinks. From the choice of music to the self-congratulatory “freethinker” label to the promise of Theocracy Alerts on future shows to the sucking vacuum of charisma between the two hosts, it’s microcosmic confirmation of my favorite liberal’s diagnosis. Click and enjoy.

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