Audio: Adam Kokesh defends his smear of the Young America's Foundation

Bryan touched on this yesterday but Kokesh is the guy known for wearing his cammies to anti-war protests in violation of military regulations, a protocol Kos once deemed “objectively un-American.” Two months after he wrote that, Sgt. David Aguina showed up in dress uniform at — ta da — Yearly Kos to defend the surge and was chewed out publicly by Jon Soltz for using the uniform as a political platform. I love karma.

Anyway, enjoy as he defends his arguably libelous false-flag smear of the Young America’s Foundation as a super-keen act of political courage, rejects the institutionalized racism of trying to build a democracy for Iraqis, and bristles at the tarring of Islamist fascists with the term “Islamofascism.” Oh, and he’s never heard of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, of course. Click the image to listen.


More (Bryan): Kokesh is quite the clown, as are his pal Brian “Black Bloc” Tierney and the “Reinstate (fake Indian, fake scholar and real plagiarist) Ward Churchill” petition-signing Lara Masri and Maxine Nwigwe. The GWU Slanderous Seven are turning out to have left quite the online paper trail of serious moonbattery.

YAF, by the way, is now demanding that they all be expelled from GWU. That is what the university’s president initially said that he supported doing to whoever was caught distributing the flyers. And, well, they’ve been caught.

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