Video: Log Cabin Republicans take revenge on Mitt

It’s the flip side of the “Gays for Giuliani” spoof that was aimed at reminding conservatives how Rudy wasn’t always as cool to civil unions as he’s now pretending to be. Rather than smack Mitt for wooing social cons by campaigning against gay marriage, the LCRs avoid the subject entirely — the better to focus on issues that can do him real harm with the base. HA readers have seen all the old footage here before but most people haven’t; given how little known he is in places other than Iowa and New Hampshire, this will be the first exposure some voters have to him. Quite an impression.

According to Real Clear Politics, the ad will run on Fox News “with a focus on Iowa,” the one state Mitt needs more than any other to propel him to frontrunner status before Super Ultra Mega Tuesday.

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