Besides Bonfires, What Do England and France Now Have to Look Forward To?

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Yeah, sometimes things don't turn out the way you think they're going to, but schmaybe the way they're meant to.

The elections in England and France over the past week have been stellar examples of that, with surging populist parties echoing the concerns and voices of a good portion of the citizenry prior to the ballot box. But when vote push came to election shove, and parliamentary election rules being what they are in foreign countries, the feared and despised "right-wing" did make serious gains. But their hopes of election day triumphs were vanquished in both countries by simple math in one - England - and completely legal electioneering machinations by the Left in another - France.


Alas. The right has more seats at the table in both countries, but they do not control the head chair, and this leaves both countries under the sway of pretty liberal Leftist governments, with France being the vastly more radical of the two.

In England, Sir Keir Starmer, Labour Party head and the newly installed Prime Minister, wasted no time filling his ministerial positions with faces that had Brits howling from the get-go.

I'm not quite sure what they expected as they elected this guy, but nonetheless, it's a strong indicator of where he's going.

The UK's been in the middle of several cathartic COVID inquiries about the harshness of lockdowns, the forced vaccinations, the lies about their efficacy, etc - all the dirty laundry hanging we should be doing in public here, mind you. It's been front and center for months now, with revelations coming out that have continually angered and horrified the public. The word "catastrophic" has been used repeatedly to describe how the British government handled COVID.

So what did Lefty Starmer do, even knowing that?

Why he appointed a reviled and despised "should have been gooder, harder, longer" lock-down advocate as Science Minister right off the bat.

...Sir Patrick [Vallance] was unveiled as the new minister of state for science on Friday, having served as the Government’s chief scientific adviser from 2018 to 2023.

He became a household name during the Covid pandemic and would appear most days at televised briefings with Boris Johnson, the then prime minister, and Sir Chris Whitty, the chief medical adviser.

Speaking at the Covid Inquiry in November, Sir Patrick suggested lockdowns should have been “broader”, “harder” and “earlier”, while also arguing local restrictions were left too late.

...She said: “I think it bodes really ominously for future pandemic policy.

“Starmer obviously made this massive thing about how they were all for change and accountability, but he’s carrying on with the old guard. How does this mark a break from the lockdown era?

“Why are we appointing someone when the pandemic response is subject to an ongoing inquiry, and is this appropriate to appoint someone to a ministerial role before the Covid inquiry has reached its conclusion? It speaks to a mindset of interventionist policy.”


Come on - what Lefty doesn't appreciate a fellow authoritarian? You'll never know when you'll need a like-minded one on your team now that you're in charge, right?

The British budget is blown, but don't expect Starmer to start cutting any favored constituency stipends, like...oh...that second polygamous wife you've been collecting benefit payments for since 2016.


Starmer is also a believer in criminal justice reform, so he's found a like-minded soul to run that office You thought those stories of knife crime in England were wild before? 

You haven't seen anything yet.

Up to 40,000 convicted criminals could be freed after serving less than half of their sentences behind bars under Labour plans to ease the prison overcrowding crisis. 

Lags could be allowed out on licence after serving 40 per cent of their terms to prevent jails running out of space within weeks. 

It came after Prime Minister Sir Keir Starmer at the weekend said prisons are an 'obvious example' of a 'broken' system. 

A record 88,225 people are currently in prison in England and Wales and there are believed to be less than 700 places remaining.

On Friday Sir Keir appointed a radical reformer to run prisons in England and Wales. 

James Timpson, who was made the new minister for Prisons, Parole and Probation, has a long track record in advocating for reforms to the UK prison system.

No worries.

...The move would see prisoners serving sentences with a fixed end date, who are currently being released after serving half their time, freed 40 to 43 per cent of the way through instead. 

Offenders who are subject to parole board decisions surrounding their release and those imprisoned for sex crimes, violence or terrorism would not be eligible for the scheme.

Just because you're in for as a "non-violent offender" doesn't mean you were to begin with and didn't plead down or that your burgeoning burglary career couldn't go off the rails later. Ask any guy who just cut off his ankle bracelet in Chicago or New York.


This is a Soros DA scheme on crack - not a county, the country.

Guarantee there are going to be windmills bristling like porcupine quills everywhere, and there still won't be enough electricity to charge the EV they'll re-mandate you must purchase or get used to walking/lose your independence.

And they'll be dictating where they building housing for all these immigrants they've just opened the door to by ditching the Rwanda return agreement.

How about France? I mean, the UK is so grim.

Reportedly, there were the usual Lefty riots as the mob celebrated their big "win" in much the same fashion that they tantrum a loss. Although there was a Sky News reporter who seemed more than happy to be the "fiery but peaceful" dupe on the scene.

Once again, a liberal media type telling you what your eyes aren't seeing.

Admittedly it's hard to tell who was happiest about the election outcome, but I'm gonna guess it wasn't the average FRENCH baguette baker on the corner.

France's Jews, for all the anti-Semitic aspersions cast against LePen's party, are now being told by their rabbis to seriously consider leaving, as it's too dangerous for Jewish people to remain.


...Paris Chief Rabbi Moshe Sebbag: “It is clear today that there is no future for Jews in France. I tell everyone who is young to go to Israel or a more secure country.” 

Jewish Philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy:  “The left is once again kidnapped by the infamous Melenchon. Divisive language. Hate of the republic on the lips. Around him right now are some incarnations of the new antisemitism. A chilling moment. A stain: Continue to fight against these people.”

Promising start to a new Assembly, huh? The "Melenchon" they're referring to is Jean-Luc Melenchon and known as the "Jeremy Corbyn of France" - a revolting, hateful little dumpling of a radical communist and vicious anti-Semite who will soon be officially recognizing the state of Palestine if he becomes prime minister.

Melenchon's France Unbowed (LFI) is part of a four-party uber-Leftists coalition that pulled off the stunning win on Sunday night.

The New Popular Front (NFP), a four-party left-green alliance, was the shock winner of Sunday’s French parliamentary election, returning 182 deputies to a 577-seat assembly now split between three large opposing blocs, none with a majority.

...Which parties are in the NFP?

The largest is France Unbowed (LFI), led by the radical-left firebrand Jean-Luc Mélenchon. Founded in 2016, LFI is radical left and populist, believing that traditional parties and political organisations no longer serve democracy.

Second comes the Socialist party (PS), the mainstream centre-left party of François Mitterrand and François Hollande. Social democratic and pro-European, it was for decades the largest party of the French left, but scored less than 2% in the 2022 presidential election.

The French Green party (LE-EELV) is the latest iteration of a movement founded in 1984. It has had two spells in government, joining a leftwing alliance with the PS and Communists in 1997, when its then leader, Dominique Voynet, was environment minister, and another in 2012 under Hollande’s Socialist presidency.

The French Communist party (PCF), one of Europe’s oldest, was long the main force on the postwar French left and also served in Lionel Jospin’s PS-led government from 1997 to 2002. It still aims to “overcome” capitalism, but is pragmatic about doing it.


They sound terrific, don't they? To a one, they are all bat-Schlitz crazy, and it's going to be Hell on wheels holding them together.

For instance, they're going to revoke Macron's extending the age to retirement. They want it dropped to 60 because...why not?

[INSERT: Gallic shrug]

They're planning on financing all of this with tax increases because what socialist ever met a tax he didn't love?

They are planning a doozy.

They already have a problem in that country with underachievers thanks to their social system promoting the concept. After they rape and pillage their way through what's left of their upper class, good luck.

They've got a grabbag of socialist goodies they're slavering over to get started on.

France’s left-wing New Popular Front says it is preparing to implement a programme that includes a 90 per cent tax rate on the rich after winning Sunday’s snap parliamentary elections.

But the leftist coalition appears to be heading for a power struggle with President Macron, who wants a free hand to pick the country’s next prime minister himself.

...Its leaders met on Monday in an attempt to agree upon who would be put forward for the job.

“We are preparing to govern, to apply the programme which is ours,” said Manuel Bompard, co-ordinator of the France Unbowed party.

The programme features a 90 per cent tax rate on annual income of over €400,000, a reduction in the retirement age from 64 to 60, a block on the price of “essential goods”, a 14 per cent increase in the minimum wage and spending commitments of at least €150 billion over three years.

But nothing's going to happen until a prime minister is settled on, which could be a battle royale taking weeks in its own right.

I'm sure the Molotov-tossing kiddies will keep the roughly 30,000 French cops who were out on the street Sunday night busy while the interested parties duke it out for who gets the first shot at finishing off the Republique.


I mean, it might be hard to tell if it's an AntiFa torch or the Olympic torch coming down the Champs-Élysées if they take too long.


I knew this summer was gonna be lit af, but who saw all this coming?

There is speculation that Macron could call elections again—he has to wait a year—after letting the socialist/communist cabal implode, and then he would look like a levelheaded savior coming to the rescue. 

...Macron has another trick up his sleeve: dissolving the legislature again. France’s Constitution prevents him from doing that for another year, but what’s to stop him from gambling again that the French will turn back to him and his coalition after a chaotic year of cohabitation with the Left? 

That might work, or another snap vote might prove to be France’s Brexit referendum, the political gamble that spelled doom for David Cameron. But Macron has always been a cunning man in a hurry and might think one more roll of the dice would pay off.

Macron clearly hopes this snap election was akin to releasing some water as it piles up behind a dam, lessening the pressure that might cause it to break. Unless he can somehow navigate the downstream rapids his move has created down, though, he may find this is just the last drip before the dam finally bursts.

But that's a bet that there's still a country to rescue in a year's time. 

The same goes for England - where will they be, economically and mood-wise?

Starmer should be very glad native Brits aren't given to burning down the cities on Saturday nights like their more volatile neighbors. Gives him some breathing room.

Both countries' elections are object lessons in complacency, manipulation of voter sentiment, bitter outcomes, and dire consequences for our own.

Buckle up.

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