Looka here, sun - don't you know solar don't work when it's hot?

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For a continent filled with elite, effete snobs, who enjoy nothing so much as looking down their long, equine noses at the rustic colonials in homespun still slogging through life across the pond, it does my heart no little bit of smug good to see the Europeans flail about in avoidable messes of their own making.


For instance, let’s look at the damn near constant dismissal of Americans as “weak” because of our fondness for that cool atmospheric elixir known as “air conditioning.” Europeans sneer haughtily, point to their mighty communal, mostly un-airconditioned suffering in warm temps for a week or two a year. Then they go about their lives having reassured themselves of their worth.

Of course, being mostly socialists and fond of massaging the story, they leave out the most basic of facts affecting their ability to live a/c free – geography. And, truth be told, most Americans don’t realize it either, when being brow beaten by some Green weenie Londoner, German or ignorant cultist here in the press or online regarding how our a/c addition is killing Mother Gaia. We ought to toughen up, like our British cousins!

WE THOUGHT YOU YANKS WERE ALL JOHN WAYNE and you’re nothing but melting pots of pudding. *polite British snickering and titters of amusement*

Again, geography. It’s easy for a London street rat to smirk when he lives at a latitude level with…St. John’s, Newfoundland, whilst I’m broiling away in the foetid swamps of Florida or North Carolina, 3000 miles to the south.

Or, basically – as we call Pensacola in Florican – “Morocco.”



And they probably don’t even teach it any more, and this is part of the reason why. So they can guilt trip you into thinking your weather is “just like Europe’s!” So why are you such a selfish bastard/American imperialist pig dog/climate killing monster?!


But what goes around comes around, and it seems the U.K. has had a warm weekend, with more to come. Temperatures reached 30°C (or about 86°F, which, oddly enough, it was on my patio in Morocco Pensacola at 0900 this morning) and it pretty much constitutes a heat wave for them. For example, everyone made a big deal about soldiers falling out during a trooping of the colors “from the heat,” #DOOM and all that…

…but most of those, as a military type myself, I’d attribute to soldiers standing in the heat at attention with their knees locked. They go over like timber every formation. Never fails.

But no doubt, for what they’re used to, it is “hot,” and for those who had a/c, you bet they turned it on. What did that do to Britain’s already fragile grid?

Well…call a WAAHMBULANCE. They had to fire up the coal to make the cool juice. But what was even worse is that it wasn’t just because of the demand, Oh, no, no, NO.


Besides having to compensate for the winds dropping away (uh-oh), who knew solar panels go to poop in the heat?

Britain has started burning coal to generate electricity for the first time in a month and a half, after the heatwave made solar panels too hot to work efficiently.

Did you know? I sure didn’t know. And they sure don’t tell you any of THIS in the fancy glossy handouts.

High temperatures over the weekend also reduced the amount of energy generated from solar panels. Output on Sunday was almost a third lower than a week earlier, despite temperatures climbing above 30 degrees celsius across large parts of the country.

Solar panels are tested at a benchmark of 25C. For every degree rise in temperature above this level, the efficiency is reduced by 0.5 percentage points.

The temperature level refers to the solar cell temperature, rather than the air temperature. In direct sunlight, the cells can easily reach 60 or 70 degrees.

Alastair Buckley, professor of organic electronics at the University of Sheffield, said: “Both days were largely sunny in the morning, so a good part of the reduction in output will be due to the efficiency reduction from higher temperatures on Saturday compared to Friday.

Compared with a cool cloudy day, the cells might be a maximum of 25pc less efficient.”


Wait a cotton-pickin’ minute! Are you kidding me?

Solar doesn’t work “efficiently” IF THE SUN SHINES AND HEATS THE PLACE UP. How can something made to work in the sun because of the sun not work when the sun…OMG. My head.

That’s the gist of this. And “solar” panels need their OWN cooling systems (!) in the desert. GTFO!

…In hot environments, PV panels tend to be less efficient due to the negative impact of high temperatures on the performance of PV cells. As the temperature rises, the output voltage of a solar panel decreases, leading to reduced power generation. For every degree Celsius above 25°C (77°F), a solar panel’s efficiency typically declines by 0.3% to 0.5%.

This decrease in efficiency can be significant in regions where temperatures rise dramatically during the day, such as deserts or tropical areas. In these environments, it’s best to select PV panels with a low-temperature coefficient. Also, installing cooling systems and ensuring adequate ventilation can help mitigate the effects of heat on solar panel efficiency.

Why Don’t Solar Panels Work as Well in Heat Waves?
Solar panels don’t work well in heat waves due to the temperature-induced decrease in efficiency. As the temperature of the solar panels rises, their power output decreases. During a heat wave, the higher temperatures hinder the panels’ ability to convert sunlight into electricity effectively.


What a bill of goods these climate scam artists are selling the world. Are forcing ON the world!

What does that mean for all these solar panels baking on all the roofs in my neighborhood? Are these trusting consumers being sold even a bigger bill of goods than I thought they were already? Most assuredly there were no cooling fans, ventilation add-ons or freon lines that went up there besides the racks to hold the panels.

Holy smokes.

I know it seems like “Bash Britain Week” from me here, but I’m actually grateful things are falling apart for them where they can’t hide it anymore.

This learning curve is fierce and I am here for every bit of it.

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