Just so we're clear - New York has "No Plan B" for the power plants they're shutting down


This sounds fun.

Two weeks ago, the New York State legislature and the state’s looney tunes chief executive, Governor Kathy Hochul, got together to hammer out a final budget deal for the year. With everything else that goes on during those sorts of negotiations, they still found time to screw the citizens of the state over royally in the name of “climate change.”


As part of last week’s budget deal, Gov. Kathy Hochul and the Legislature ordered the New York Power Authority to shut down all its fossil-fuel plants in just seven years — even though gas-fired plants supply nearly half the state’s electricity.

At the same time, they banned gas (for stoves and heating) in all new buildings by 2029, forcing them to be all-electric.

And by 2035, the only new cars sold here must also be purely electric.

No worries, right? These Green dreamers have had decades-worth of time to get this right and billions of dollars in tax-payer funded subsidies to make sure the technology was locked on – ready to be up and running for a freezing, brutal Buffalo winter or a sweltering Scarsdale summer. These are The Professionals™ and The Scientists™ we have all been directed and admonished not to question or interrupt as they dictate “HOW LIFE MUST BE.”

Pretty copasetic, right? It’s all gonna work with exponentially more grid requirements coming online due to EV and home heating mandates alone, coupled with shutting the old, dirty fossil fuel based reliables down…right?

Actually….not really. But it seems the CLIMATE EMERGENCY™ is more dire than making sure the lights/heat stay on, so the geniuses who know better than you will figure that part out later.

I’m not guessing about that part – they said so.


The power plants that take the edge off of the peak times/events when loads are heaviest – literally called “peakers” – are being shut down or driven into intentional disrepair by the state of New York in concert with the EPA.

…In 2019, the state adopted the Peaker Rule, named for the fossil-fuel generation plants that kick in during the hottest months of summer when air conditioners run around the clock.

The regulation required peakers to adopt stringent pollution controls by 2023 and 2025. Those that couldn’t retrofit their plants to comply with lower allowable emissions rates were forced to retire. To date, the state Department of Environmental Conservation says, some 37 plants have plans to retire, many after 50 years of operation.

… “New York City is one of the densest populated places on Earth, certainly in the United States, and is a grid that is more dependent on fossil fuels than just about any other part of the country,” Plummer said. “And so we’re trying to undertake a very dramatic transformation very quickly. Our view is that units like Ravenswood will be a critical part of that transition.”

Reliability margins will get tighter, requiring a delicate balance between retiring fossil fuel plants while the state tries to achieve climate goals of 70% reliance on renewables by 2030.

There are examples in the article of peakers that have had applications denied for upgrades for pollution and emission controls, which, in effect, is going to cause them to shut down. Precisely the plan.


…“You’re gonna be left with these peaker sites that have tried to become more efficient, burn less fuel, pollute less, and be there for reliability, but because of, in my judgment, politics, they’re not allowed to repower,” said Gavin Donohue, who heads the Independent Power Producers of New York (IPPNY). “So, to me, it’s just poor public policy.”

What happens when you lose them and these other “renewables” either haven’t come online, or there’s nowhere near the capacity in the system to handle what the minimum requirements are?

And remember – all the “clean” energy went offline when they forced their nuclear plants to shut down, so they brought these “dirty” fuels on themselves. How stupid does this headline make these imbeciles sound?

NY’s fossil fuel use soared after Indian Point plant closure. Officials sound the alarm

The 2021 shutdown of the Indian Point nuclear power plant led to near-total dependence on fossil fuels to produce electricity in New York’s energy-hungry downstate region, and surging amounts of heat-trapping carbon dioxide in the air.

A report issued last month by the New York Independent System Operator, which runs the state’s electric grid, shows that in 2021, 89% of downstate energy came from natural gas and oil, up from 77% the previous year when both of Indian Point’s two reactors were still running.

The newly released figures demonstrate in stark detail just how much work the state will need to do in the coming years if it’s to achieve its ambitious climate-related goals − reducing carbon-producing emissions to zero while clearing the way for renewables like wind and solar power to make a larger contribution to the electric grid.


Well, hey, ya moo-rons – YOU did it. No one thought about those glaringly obvious consequences then? They are obviously in the ether on this, too.

They don’t have an answer again – there’s NO “Plan B.”

…At an IPPNY convention in the fall, DEC commissioner Basil Seggos was asked how the state planned to “bridge” the gap until renewable power comes online.

“Listen, I don’t think there is a plan B, alright,” Seggos said. “And I mean that seriously about our opportunity right now, I don’t think we have a plan B. I think that we are on the edge right now when it comes to global climate change and emissions, I really firmly believe that. So we have one shot to get this right. That’s what makes this so challenging.”

That’s inexcusable and so negligent for a public official, it blows the mind.


What a load of crap.

Greenies and climate fascists are terrible at #themathz and the math should terrify every rational New Yorker.

…To address the ballooning needs for juice, the plan imagines the state will suddenly — magically — ramp up renewable-energy production.

Yet solar and wind now account for just 6% of the state’s juice; natural gas, 43%.

Hydro and nuclear plants pump out the rest, but hydro is maxed out, and no one’s talking about new Empire State nuke plants even as the few remaining ones age out.

So renewables must grow from covering just 6% of the load to 50% by 2040, or 75% if the nuke plants close.


Deal with it, New Yorkers. Saving the planet is more important than you keeping the house warm or the car we forced you to buy charged.

And have a good time trying to pay for it anyway.

That ought to thin the herd a bit.

What a frickin’ disaster.

The blue NY is colored won’t only be for Democratic voters – it’ll be the frozen upstate bodies.

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