Head of Bud Light marketing definitely not a "WASSUP"/bayou frog type

Head of Bud Light marketing definitely not a "WASSUP"/bayou frog type
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I caught a glimpse of her – and it is a “her” – in a tweet that hurtled past when all this weekend’s Mulvaney insanity erupted (which David covered handsomely)(and, yes, ‘handsomely’ is sexist and I don’t care, so there). But never was she seen again in the uproar, and I’ve just now had the chance to go digging.

Yeah. Yeah.

I hate to…okay. No, I don’t. I’ll just say it straight out. She has that sincere wonk, woke look that is immediately recognizable and so generic, so ubiquitous anymore, that you could swap her out with any of the board members of, say, SVB, and no one would be the (Bud) wiser.

UPDATE FROM BEEGE: I’m including this screenshot of the AdAge page referenced in the deleted tweet above (yes, they are already deleting tweets about this chick – YIKES)

Screenshot AdAge

They all seem to be cut from the same holier-than-thou woke cloth.

I know I score high on the cynical curmudgeon scale, but this argle-bargle is so stereotypical and the gestures so emphatically mechanical – I’M SO INTENSE AND SINCERE – blech. I watched it without the sound on, imagining what it was like to be, say, her 3-year-old with all that explaining and hands going about why you don’t fling poo on the wall, or leave a toy on the stairs.

You just know she does that at the office describing her “vision.” And she has a pretty big office, judging by her job title.

In June, Alissa Heinerscheid became the first woman to lead Bud Light in the brand’s 40-year history. And she has wasted no time getting to work. Heinerscheid, 38, oversaw a creative agency review that led to the late August hiring of Anomaly, which is taking over from Wieden+Kennedy, signaling big marketing changes ahead for the nation’s largest beer brand.

I wonder if they had any clue what “big marketing changes” translated to in terms of what they’ve gotten so far?

…Heinerscheid describes her return to lead Bud Light as a “homecoming,” adding,

“It’s an incredibly iconic brand. I feel such humility and passion for the fact that this precious crown jewel of a brand has been placed under my stewardship.

As for what’s next: “Our No. 1 job on Bud Light is to grow meaning and relevance with new drinkers—that is how we transform and really preserve this brand for the next 40 years.”

Ah. There’s the focus word – NEW drinkers.

I have to give it to her. Heinerscheid sure went after a different market – one might say a “niche” market – but I’m not so sure how that’s going to work out for Budweiser, or Anheuser Busch in general.

She’s worked for them for 8 years and even had a part overseeing the Game of Thrones “Dilly Dilly” Super Bowl campaign. I’d have to guess that, considering what’s happened since her assumption of the head seat, that manly action genre isn’t her sort of thing.

That would certainly reinforce her educational stereotype, as well. I mean, it’s hard to get more woke…

…than that. I do not believe anyone matriculating at those institutions routinely meets in the parking lot after class to share a six-pack of cold Buds.

I’ll take a stab and boldly assert that she, for all the demonstrative, sincere gesturing, does not “speaka da lingo” of the working class, however much she may have clinically studied them.

This is reflected in the ads and the consequent, pretty ferocious blow-back. Not just from dirty, hairy, flannel-clad rough necks, either.

Women are pissed and far beyond the numbers of Bud Light-drinking women at that (Cuz, let’s be honest – what are there, like, 3?). A little tinge of controversial free publicity is always considered a plus, but I don’t think this is necessarily what they had in mind.

For example: If #BudLightHatesWomen is trending, that is not a good thing. As it was for the better part of the entire day yesterday.


How many trans and alphabet sympathizer types are going to buy this sad little blue can with the dolled-up man on it? And will they now become customers or are they buying once or twice for the novelty and that’s it? Is there a demand for sad swill among that population that would justify the umbrage caused by the campaign?

Is Bud going to be able to make up for the customers it’s permanently lost insulting them, the women in their lives, and their values?

Bud is already on the major defensive, “Ooo! It was just a PRESENT!”

…The statement added: “From time to time, we produce unique commemorative cans for brand influencers, like Dylan Mulvaney. This commemorative can was a gift to celebrate a personal milestone”- that personal milestone being Dylan’s 365th day of being a ‘girl’

Gosh. I don’t think it’s going to fly, do you? “Authentically connect with audiences“?

Hey, argle-bargle masters! It must have escaped your notice that over DECADES of advertising, your “authentic audiences” connect with draft horses, frogs, medieval kaniggets, and people being ridiculous in a manly fashion.

This has not changed one iota.

Good luck with that “new” customer base.

Sure hope they hold up as well as the old ones did. I’ve got to warn you, though – they’re pretty touchy, so watch your step.

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