Britain's wind grid is a no-blow, switches to emergency coal to keep the lights on

Gareth Fuller

Ain’t it great when a very expensive plan comes together?

This is a trip and one heckuva milestone to be proud of.


Turns out it was a “winter” storm in “winter” (Whoda thunk it?)! Cold snap,

“…And a windless one, too. But we should take note it didn’t last that long…”

Lucky dang thing, no? What happens when it lasts longer? Anybody asking that question?

Only by the hair of their chinny chin chins and grace of God did they even have the coal plants left to turn on during what turned out to be the coldest night of the year.

…National Grid (NGG) said two coal units that previously were due to close last September helped it meet peak evening demand.

Operators had kept the plants open for an extra six months at the request of the U.K. government over fears of possible power shortages.

Apparently, they’ve spent the better part of this winter skating close to the edge a number of times, but never had to fire up the reserve plants until last night.

…Coal plants under the scheme have been readied for use several times this winter but this is the first time they have been needed.

The extra generation enabled the grid to cancel an electricity margin notice (EMN), it issued late on Monday evening flagging it would like more power generation to be made available for 1630-2030 GMT on Tuesday.

Britain’s Met Office has warned of sub-zero temperatures overnight on Tuesday and issued warnings snow and ice could disrupt transportation.


So not only did the cold and the storm disrupt the wind and solar power generation, their back-up plans for buying power from France have been scuttled because of the interruption due to the pension reform strikes.

…In a tense day on electricity markets, National Grid’s electricity system operator (ESO) also asked two other coal-fired plants to warm up in case needed and called on other generators for extra supplies, as a supply crunch loomed at teatime on Tuesday.

Demand was high as a cold snap settled on Britain, while widespread strikes in France over pension reform helped knock out about 14.9 gigawatts of supply in France from state energy giant EDF, with more than 40pc of its workforce on strike.

Britain typically needs to buy electricity from France to meet its own needs during peak times during winter, but on Tuesday evening was instead exporting more than 2GW.

The ESO stressed during the day that its actions did not indicate supply was at risk, as it needs to maintain a healthy buffer.

However, the developments highlighted the strains on Britain’s electricity market at a time of huge change in the generation mix.

This is a horrible way to run a country’s power grid.


When does the madness stop?

This chart of available British wind energy, for all the bazillions of pounds and heartache dumped into this renewable hoax, should be terrifying someone in charge.

As if the weather, the worthless renewables, and the French weren’t enough, it seems the British power workers are seriously considering going on strike as well.

…Separately, power grid workers who maintain the electricity grid for London and the South East have become the latest to back strike action raising the prospect of widespread power cuts.

The Unite union balloted its 1,300 members who work for UK Power Networks (UKPN) over industrial action on Tuesday.

But, the decision to reject a pay offer was described as “deeply disappointing” by a spokesman for the electricity infrastructure company.

UKPN serves around 8.3m customers across London, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Surrey, West Sussex, East Sussex and Kent.

They’ve sold their country to the cold and dark devils.

I thought the Germans were whacked.

It’s as if the entire continent is infected with some sort of irresistible urge, some unrelenting drive to enact ritual societal suicide pacts.


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