Sweet little green corvette + secrets + Joe's Garage = 'S'All good

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President Joe Biden, the proud owner of Joe’s Garage, had another go-round today with his favorite reporter. You might remember the last time our silver-tongued chief executive lavished praise on the guy.


Too bad for Joe that young Doocy had another shot at him today, and Joe made it a gimme to boot.

Hey, Doocy, you stupid sumbitch, of COURSE the garage was locked!

My Corvette’s in there!

In 2015, the dang garage wasn’t so secure, even if it was locked. How long have those boxes been in the house again?

To be sure, Doocy hasn’t been winning any points asking questions about these pesky “documents” for the past couple of days, especially with boxes popping up willy-nilly. He really got on the French Lady’s nerves yesterday at her press conference. She was already a stuttering mess answering questions about the rumored existence of a “Secretary of Transportation” when WHAM. Doocy hits her with…

On these documents. How could anyone be THAT irresponsible?”


Buh buh buh.

Sounded exactly like her boss in his little chat today. Just like his garage, Biden’s brain-to-mouth synapse totally locked up after answering Doocy. All he could manage to mumble was basically liberty bibberty. An utter and complete disgrace.

And then you just come back to…really? In his garage? As a little old SSgt with a secret clearance, I was sweating bullets every time someone just opened the ComSec safe, less mind touched anything. I could always hear the bars on my cell in The Pit of Despair/Leavenworth clanking in my head, and this buffoon has boxes of them scattered over a couple states and chucked in the garage?! YGTBFKM

Not to mention the people Biden associates with, including that paragon of public and patriotic virtue known as “Hunter.” To include the people Hunter associates with, and he was doing a LOT of “associating” when the Big Guy was in office and directly afterward. Is it too much to hope that Hunter had no access to…yeah. It figures.

Hunter Biden Accessed Garage Where Dad Kept His Corvette (And Classified Material)

…But his son Hunter Biden, who is under federal criminal investigation for tax fraud and whom House Republicans plan to subpoena in regard to his foreign business dealings, did have access to the garage. At least, according to earlier statements made by Biden.

As vice president in 2016, Biden and his Corvette appeared in the season premiere of CNBC’s “Jay Leno’s Garage.” Showing off the classic that was a wedding present from his father, Biden told Leno that his sons had restored the vehicle to showroom condition.

“My two sons, Beau, who passed away, and my son Hunter decided as a Christmas gift to have the engine rebuilt for me,” he explained.

Although the administration has promised transparency, the White House has not answered questions about how the classified intelligence made its way into the Biden family home in Delaware or the president’s private office at the Penn Biden Center in Washington, D.C.


Would you believe them if they told you Hunter hadn’t rifled through the Sterlite containers next to the car to see what he could fence in an off moment? No way, Jose. According to Biden himself, the miserable deviant was around all the time.

Shoot, according to Miranda Devine, Hunter even thinks he owns the place – locked garage with Corvette, classified material and all.

But if HUNTER owns the house, what…oh.

But, hey! No worries. The garage is locked because CORVETTE.

You know – important stuff.

Liberty bibberty.


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