Biden's Praetorian Guard is Brassoing buckles and sharpening swords

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The last day of summer, and can you EVER tell it’s time for the mid-terms? It has to be the way the Lords of Media are busy rooting through old Facebook posts to find suspension fodder, spurious bans for undefined infractions on Twitter, demonetization on payment platforms, notable facts left out of “news reports,” and generally clamping down on people who make life uncomfortable for Democrats and Team Biden.


For instance, I had my own run-in with Lizard Man’s platform this morning, when I went to post an update on the forming tropical depression moving into the Caribbean. Many of my friends only use Facebook, so, in addition to subjecting them to my conservative musings and memes, I also post severe weather updates, pirate jokes, and stupid pet videos. As I loaded the computer runs and weatherman son Ebola’s experienced prognostications, a box popped open when I hit “post.” Somehow, somewhere, I had run afoul of the Facebook community standards gods by posting “an intimate and personal photo” and was going to be punished for violating the delicate sensibilities of the censors.

DO YOU UNDERSTAND? Click continue.”

I have a bad case of “WHO, WHUT?!” as they never once let you know what in the Sam hell it is you’ve done before they start with the pop-ups and morality lectures. Intimate? *sigh* I click.

“You have got to be kidding me” was the very first thought in my head. They’ve yanked a MEME to flog me for. Pulled all the way from 11 July.

As if that weren’t insane enough, that “intimate and personal photo“?

Came from HUNTER BIDEN’S LAPTOP. His naughty bits – unlike the actual photo, and I would never do that to you all – are covered by an ironic tweet from his charming stepmother.

POOF! I’m gone for a month. Better off than the folks railroaded into pleading guilty to “stealing” Ashley Biden’s left-behind-when-she-moved-out-of-her-rental diary of Joe Biden’s naughty tricks, but it stings, none the less.


The Associated Press came in for a fair amount of derision this morning when they tweeted about an accused murderer receiving “court-appointed attorneys” during his arraignment for stabbing to death someone who wrote “articles critical of him.” At no point in either the tweet nor the scroll during the video – which DOES mention “ELECTED OFFICIAL” – do you once see to which party the elected accused belongs.

How curious. If we were to play “Name That Party,” the answer would be DEMOCRAT.

I guess we only get to play when it’s a Democrat. Gotcha.

My friend David Strom covered demonetization of “The Daily Skeptic” today. Another group, known as Gays Against Groomers, has been deplatformed from both Paypal and Venmo, and was briefly banned from Twitter for advocating against pedophiles and the transitioning of minor children. Nothing upsets the Multi-Alphabet group more than the infidels who won’t play along.


Twitter relented after its founder appeared on Tucker Carlson. I don’t think the fundraising arms have come online yet. While it’s admittedly awkward now for them to try to someone like Matt Walsh, the juggernauts will stomp all over the smaller folks agitating in the wings, and only back off if the outcry is fast and furious.

If you search Twitter, most of the Hunter Biden-related tweets are 10 days ago. There is one from a young lady who must have had her account scraped the same way mine was. She’s “sexually exploiting Hunter” and the comments under her tweet are full of “Me, too!”

After all the things that degenerate and his father have done, the worst may be (besides destroying the country) making themselves the victims in the story.
And then getting the whole mess wiped, like, with a cloth.

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