Clever: The URLs "" and "" redirect to Obama campaign website

A good catch by The Daily Caller’s Caroline May: As of this morning, two provocative web addresses — and — redirect to the Barack Obama campaign website. Type “” into your browser and you’ll swiftly be greeted with an invitation to “like” Obamacare. (Yes, that is the current landing page for Obama’s campaign site — an invitation to express support for Obamacare!) May reports:

It is unknown who the responsible party is.

While it’s unclear if the campaign can come up with a solution for this, Twitter users have already begun to take notice.

“Someone is being cheeky: go to or” tweeted @zaijian.

“So and redirect to Obama’s website. Yeah, this is going to be a fun campaign,” added @DavidKenner.

The prankster behind this actually betrays uncommon insight into the conflict of visions that exists in this country. In one corner, free marketeers. In the other, collectivists and statists. Individuals range along the spectrum, but it doesn’t change the nature of the conflict, which was introduced in the twentieth century but, surprisingly, was still not settled by the outset of the twenty-first, despite the evidence of numerous failed centrally planned economies.

It serves no point to try to rename “socialism” or “communism” or to eliminate the words from our lexicon. The terms refer to theories of social and economic organization in the same way that “capitalism” does — and the theories continue to attract adherents to greater and lesser degrees. The president has openly stated his approval of wealth redistribution and has also displayed a marked tendency toward central planning, particularly in the area of energy policy. Why he should balk at being called either a “socialist” or a “communist” puzzles me. Why not attempt to defend his ideas instead of hiding behind conservative rhetoric as he pushes a progressive agenda? I’d never recoil from the label of “capitalist” even though “the 99 percent” thinks capitalism is evil. What does it matter to the president if half the country doesn’t like his ideas? Oh, right. That’s why it matters. He has an agenda to push, yes, but he has to win reelection to push it. That’s why this prank is so brilliant. I’d love to hear the president explain why he doesn’t want those links to redirect to his website. Or, better yet, I’d love to hear him explain why he does.

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John Sexton 10:00 PM on June 02, 2023