RNC Video: You wanna talk about the "war on women"? Let's talk about it!

The Republican National Committee reverses the cry of a “Republican War on Women” with a synthesis of criticisms of Barack Obama and his “boys’ club” of senior advisers and supporters. Yes, Obama’s Super PAC accepted a $1 million donation from serial misogynist Bill Maher — but Obama had a “woman problem” long before that. While Obama has always worked assiduously to ensure that female voters will support him in his upcoming reelection bid (most recently even going so far as to call Sandra Fluke!), he apparently has been less concerned about the relative contentment of his female staffers. You might recall that journalist Ron Suskind released a book last fall called Confidence Men that included a quote that suggested the Obama White House was a “hostile” workplace for women. Liberal critics dismissed the book’s conclusions as extrapolative or dismissed Ron Suskind as unreliable. The quotes from Obama’s female advisers speak for themselves, though, and the RNC recycles them here to good effect. If Obama and his pals are so concerned to improve the situation for women in the United States, they should start at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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