Want to be happy? Move to Hawaii!

Texans are all fired up today because it’s Texas Independence Day — Gov. Rick Perry tweeted that he’s already eaten a burger in celebration — but, when the 50 states are ranked according to the happiness of their residents, Texas doesn’t crack the top 10 (sorry, Texans … Oklahoma doesn’t register very highly, either). The president’s home state of Hawaii, however, ranks No. 1.

The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index takes into account emotional health (how likely residents are to smile or laugh and how unlikely to have a daily worry), life evaluation (how likely residents are to say they’re “thriving”), work environment (how completely residents are able to utilize their strengths at work), physical health (how unlikely residents are to be obese), healthy behaviors (how likely residents are to exercise and eat healthily) and basic access (how likely residents are to have access to health care, a safe work-out environment and other resources).

President Obama has said that he thinks he has a certain laziness that stems from growing up in Hawaii, where it’s always sunny and people lie on the beach for sport. But Hawaiians are actually pretty active; they ranked No. 1 in the “healthy behaviors” category, too.

On an afternoon that, like every other day this week, has been dominated by dismal news, may this poll (recycled from Monday) serve as a reminder to take a little time to smile, laugh or maybe even exercise today! Corny? Yes, but, as Kate Winslet as Iris says in The Holiday, “I’m looking for corny in my life.” Happy Friday!

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