Video: Allen West woos with his rendition of "Pretty Woman"

Has this always been a trend? Politicians and pop performances? From Jon Huntsman’s “Hit the Road, Jack” to Herman Cain’s “Impossible Dream” to Mitt Romney’s “America, the Beautiful” to Barack Obama’s “Let’s Stay Together,” a light musical snack seems to be the appetizer du jour on the campaign trail these days.

Allen West isn’t running for president, but, should he decide to in the future, he’ll already have a signature act down pat (h/t The Shark Tank and The Right Scoop):

He doesn’t say so, but I feel sure he must be singing to his much-adored Florida colleague, Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Was there ever so congenial a friendship in the House as that between those two representatives from the Sunshine State?

Here’s hoping his threat to demand push-ups from anyone who records him singing doesn’t also apply to anyone who posts the video!

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