Video: Why conservatives suck

In case you missed this video, which came out a few days ago, I’m reposting it here. You might remember how enthusiastic I was about Bill Whittle’s “Vote Pump” vid; this is just as refreshing.

My favorite quote comes at the end: “Conservatives never claim that our own behavior is the standard, only that a standard for good behavior exists — and that sucks more than anything.” It does, doesn’t it? I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wake up some days and wish I were a moral relativist. Then, I remember relativism doesn’t deliver the freedom — or even the fun — it promises; the days I deny right and wrong are the days I’m a slave to my impulses and horribly, horribly … bored. Marc Barnes explains why:

Contrary to popular belief, the problem with moral relativism is not that it allows far too much fun and annoys the hell out of the Puritans. If it were, it might be a tempting worldview, this whole what’s-wrong-for-you-ain’t-wrong-for-me frolic. No, the problem with moral relativism is that it takes the fun out of everything, and makes the world hellishly Puritanical.

There are two ways to ruin a game. The first to add too many rules, and the second is too eliminate all of them. If a man were to sit me down for a one-legged, blindfolded game of chess in which pieces could only be moved according to the fibonacci sequence, and the sides were switched every 17 moves, I might play a few moves before proposing we watch cat videos instead. Worse though, would be if a man were to sit me down at a chessboard and say, “Let’s you and I do whatever we like. What’s right for you isn’t necessarily right for me.”

I don’t think I’d wait for the inevitable juggling of chess pieces. I’d run straight to cat videos, no hesitation. The most limiting cage in existence is woven by the lack of limitations, and it seems a rather obvious fact that the eradication of rules can only lead to the eradication of the game itself.

And yet we live in a world in which the current fad is the absence of rules. This — my good-looking individuals — is a very boring fad. It cannot come from a mind with a good sense of the joy, beauty and fun of life. Such a mind would never be so miserly as to ruin a child’s game. No, it’s the moral relativists sucking the fun out of life, the fun of sin as much as the fun of virtue.

So, sure, it sucks to be the standard-bearers. Would we rather have no standards? Talk about hell on earth.

David Strom 10:01 PM on September 26, 2022