Ann Coulter: What they're doing is using insurance as communism; Update: Video added

Ann Coulter’s CPAC speech was, just as you’d expect, snarky, sharp, witty and — at times — wince-worthy, but, out of her many memorable lines, one stood out to me most. In the midst of a succinct dismantling of Barack Obama’s liberty-infringing mandate that religiously-affiliated employers provide their employees with insurance coverage that covers contraception, she came out with this: “What they’re doing is using insurance as communism.”

She drew that sentence out into a larger discussion of the original purpose of insurance and warned that, if we allow government intrusion via the insurance industry to go unchecked, the government could acquire control of even the minutest details of our lives.

In the midst of all the intense discussion of the administration’s so-called contraception mandate, folks rarely point out the obvious: What disaster necessitates contraception in the first place? As simply put as possible, we pay insurance so, in the event of a disaster, we’re able to pay damages. We pay insurance so, in the event of sickness, we’re able to pay for our health care. What sickness does contraception cure?

If the administration isn’t quite implementing communism, it’s at least proving it was never slippery slope logic to say, if the Obama administration can force us to buy health insurance, they can force us to buy anything at all. Any product they want in the hands of, well, everybody, they’ll just force insurance companies to cover. You might not have to buy the product for yourself — but you’ll have to buy it for others. Obama’s best “accommodation” just makes that even clearer.

Update (AP): Eleven minutes of highlights via Mediaite, including a very compelling argument on behalf of her preferred nominee — by which, of course, I mean Chris Christie. I assume she threw that in to remind the conservatives who are angry at her for defending Romney that even she doesn’t have Mitt as her top pick.