Pro-Gingrich Super PAC still on the anti-Mitt warpath

Undaunted by Newt Gingrich’s request to them to take down King of Bain, the 28-minute film attacking Mitt Romney for his record at Bain Capital, the Winning Our Future PAC plans to release two new ads that pummel Mitt Romney. Starting tomorrow, the ads will air in South Carolina, where Gingrich is currently Mitt Romney’s closest competitor (notwithstanding today’s decision by a large group of evangelical conservatives to endorse Rick Santorum). National Journal reports:

The group’s newest advertisements hammer at Romney for his record as a moderate Massachusetts governor and his leadership at Bain.  One of the ads, titled “Questionable,” slams him for “Fuzzy Math” in his depiction of how many jobs were created while he headed Bain.

The second ad to start running on Sunday is titled “Unelectable” and focuses on Romney’s more moderate positions in the past.  It points to the former governor’s refusal to sign the Contract With America, the 1994 campaign blueprint Gingrich used to help Republicans win control of the House, and accuses him of passing “Romneycare, the model for Obamacare.”

“Mitt Romney,” a voice tells the audience as dramatic music pumps underneath. “Not conservative.  Not electable.”

Both ads are part of a previously announced ad buy of $3.4 million by Winning Our Future.  They were set to air throughout South Carolina starting Sunday morning and will likely air through mid-week when the PAC will swap them out for fresh material.

To Winning the Future PAC, I say: If you seriously want to stop Romney, beware the upside of these attacks. Romney is never so sympathetic as when his opponents attack him for being a capitalist.

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