Unions harass teacher who dared to speak up in support of Scott Walker

The obnoxiousness continues. Not content to picket the Capitol and petition for the recall of any and every state leader who had a hand in the passage of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s budget repair bill, union leaders are now harassing a teacher who appeared in an ad in support of Walker.

In a basic black-back-dropped ad, Kristi Lacroix said she wasn’t in favor of a recall.

“I’m not big on recalls and I think, at this point, in my opinion, and I’m only speaking from the ‘I,’ it feels a little like sour grapes,” she says in the spot. “It’s ‘oh, we didn’t get our way,’ and now we’re going to change the outcome.”

But she didn’t stop with a simple indictment of recalls. She also voiced a positive opinion of Walker himself — also known to the unions as “Hosni Mubarak” or “Adolf Hitler.”

“Scott Walker said from the beginning: ‘I’m going to do what’s right for Wisconsin,'” Lacroix continued. “And he did. He did.”

That ad didn’t make union leaders too happy — and you know what union leaders do when they’re not happy. Can you say “retaliation” much?

“She’s facing typical Saul Alinsky tactics,” Education Action group founder Kyle Walker said this morning on a Fox and Friends segment. “There is a ‘Fire Kristi’ movement that is forming where pro-union members are threatening her with her job. They’re threatening to throw all of this trash on her in order to marginalize her and get her to quit.”

Lacroix herself is likely surprised by the treatment she’s received, the education expert continued.

“We work with a lot of teachers around the country and they’re by and large apolitical people,” he said. “They just want to do their job. … So, when somebody like Kristi stands up and says what she believes, they’re surprised to have this vitriolic reaction. But it’s not surprising.”

Sadly — but also not surprisingly — the tactics seem to be working. According to the Fox and Friends TV segment, Lacroix might quit. And while the NLRB might go out of its way to ensure Boeing doesn’t retaliate against its workers, you can bet the Board won’t go out of its way to ensure the unions don’t retaliate against their members. Lacroix likely has little recourse.

This news underscores Scott Walker’s correct perception of the need to break the power of public employee unions, which ought never to have acquired the collective bargaining rights they presently enjoy in the first place. Even formidable labor leaders of the past, like former AFL-CIO president George Meany, said collective bargaining between the government and public employee unions made no sense.

“It is impossible to bargain collectively with the government,” Meany said.

That’s because politicians and unions alike bargain with taxpayer money. The incentive then becomes to extort as much money from the taxpayer as possible. But don’t you dare try to reverse that trend or you’ll face the Scott Walker/Kristi Lacroix treatment. Only one word for it: Unfair.