Video: American Crossroads ad pummels Obama's tax increase proposals

American Crossroads aims to ensure Barack Obama is always on defense, to prevent him from ever generating an unchallenged media hit, the advocacy group’s president has said. To that end, the non-profit has pledged to raise at least $120 million for the 2012 cycle — and recently released this new ad to run in St. Louis before, during and after the president’s trip to Missouri:

The ad does well what American Crossroads and its counterpart, Crossroads GPS, always do well. Not only does it use the president’s own words against him, but it also loops in criticism from folks who should be among Obama’s staunchest supporters. It also stays narrowly focused on the president’s proposed tax hikes. That’s in line with what should be the obvious and effective campaign strategy to anyone who is cognizant of the nation’s abysmal unemployment numbers: Hammer home that Obama still hasn’t done anything to address the jobs situation because tax hikes are a non-solution. Obama might not quite be the underdog, as he himself has claimed, but he’s highly vulnerable on the economy in general (and his “jobs” proposal in particular) and Crossroads, so far, has highlighted that in easy-to-watch ways.

This latest ad is supported by an ad buy of $50,000 and started to air Monday on CNN and Fox in St. Louis. The ad will continue to run through Wednesday. Today, the president travels to the Show Me state to speak at two separate campaign events.

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Jazz Shaw 5:31 PM on February 04, 2023