En route to DC, plane forced to land after men falsely claimed to be air marshals

From Townhall.com:

Young America’s Foundation Program Officer Ron Meyer was aboard United (corrected, previously wrote U.S. Airways) Flight 3681 going from St. Louis to Dulles Airport near Washington D.C.  and has informed me the plane was forced to land 10 minutes ago after two men stood up on the plane and declared they were Federal Air Marshals. The men were then asked for paperwork to prove the claim, and when it couldn’t be produced, the plane made an emergency landing. Passengers are being forced to deplane, all luggage is being checked again and all passengers must be checked back in.

No need to add how very frightening this must have been for the passengers aboard Flight 3681. How strange and irresponsible of those two men — and to what end? Here’s praying for uneventful, safe travels for the remainder of the flight and for everyone traveling today.