Video: Palin: Obama, with his non-jobs plan, 'plays us all for fools'

The president’s speech last night was so painfully predictable as to almost deserve no post-speech analysis (we covered it all before he gave it!) — but because it’s a Friday afternoon and The One’s announcement of the American Jobs Act last night was supposedly the most important political event of the week (with the GOP debate a close second), TV pundits and other commentators continue to talk about it. Mercifully, Sarah Palin this afternoon dismissed it with characteristic plainspokenness:

“I thought the president was very bold in his request for another blank check,” Palin said on Fox News, where she is a paid contributor. “I don’t consider it a plan at all.”

The former vice presidential nominee said she cared neither for the substance or the style of the president’s speech, and felt that he was trying to pressure the Congress into passing the jobs package.

“They want to shove something down our throats even though it’s inconsistent with economic principles that can work in facing the problems we have with our economy,” Palin said. …

Palin disputed the characterization of the bill as bipartisan, saying Republicans believed that they could not afford the measures, considering the current deficit.

“The president was disingenuous when he insisted over and over again that everything in this package had been endorsed by all,” Palin said.

Palin also issued an on-point reminder to the GOP candidates to connect the dots between the debt and deficit and the jobs crisis the country faces — an idea that cannot be too often emphasized. But, as ever, she was elusive when asked whether she plans to run for president.