Video: Pro-Bachmann Super PAC launches ad aimed at Perry

An ad created by the ironically named “Keep Conservatives United” Super PAC — a pro-Michele Bachmann political action committee — criticizes Rick Perry for spending more money than the state of Texas takes in.

“He’s supposed to be the Tea Party guy?” the ad asks. “There is an honest conservative and she’s not Rick Perry.”

The ad begins airing in Columbia, S.C., today and will run for one week on CNBC, Fox News and CNN.

“Nobody will go after Rick Perry so I thought I would,” PAC founder Bob Harris told CNN. “His record doesn’t match the big talk.”

That’s not quite right, of course: Plenty of conservatives have gone after Rick Perry — and I’m firmly in the camp of those who maintain every conservative candidate, no matter how appealing or how promising, has to be vetted (in fact, the more promising, the more rigorous the vetting should be!). But the ad’s selective images, piddly background music, cheesy substitution of “hombre” for “man,” and pseudo-Southern-sounding narrator combine to make the ad likely to be ineffective. A big spender Rick Perry might be, but a hick he is not. He’s of humble origins and from the South, yes, if that’s what the ad is driving at, but, more importantly, he’s a seasoned politician who professes a strong brand of conservatism at the same time that he displays energetic executive leadership. The ad’s thinly veiled attempt to portray him as backwoods rubs the wrong way, especially when it comes from a conservative organization that surely knows the MSM will do what it can to perpetuate the “gee, aren’t Republicans dumb” meme.

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