Jan 2019

“The March has evolved over the past few months as we humbly acknowledged our failings.”

Jun 2018

“this apology to Mr. Nawaz has caused us to consider our options”

“we were able to fight back against the Regressive Left…”

Sep 2017

Antifa and the Vancouver protest

John Sexton Sep 12, 2017 9:21 PM

“the driver was briefly detained by police and released.”

“The signers blame the SPLC for a shooting in 2012 at the offices of the Family Research Council…”

Aug 2017

Heightening the contradictions.

Jun 2017

Politico: Has the SPLC lost its way?

John Sexton Jun 28, 2017 3:01 PM

“The organization has always tried to find ways to milk money out of the public…”

Aug 2013

“The bombing suspects may not have been the radical jihadists they were initially believed to be.”