Nov 2017

Why are Congress’s harassment settlements secret?

Allahpundit Nov 17, 2017 6:41 PM


“It’s another nail in the standards coffin as far as Fox is concerned.”

Jun 2017

Shakedowns suspended?

Feb 2017

Mainstream media: Katie who?

Dec 2016

Not “appropriate to attack the composition of the democratically-elected government of an ally.”

“Israelis do not need to be lectured about the importance of peace by foreign leaders.”

Hoyer to Kerry: Shut up; Update: Russia says nyet?

Ed Morrissey Dec 28, 2016 9:01 AM

Out of juice.

Remember when interfering in elections was cool, or something?

Kerry threatens support for UN action against Israel

Ed Morrissey Dec 05, 2016 12:31 PM

Peace process failure? It’s Bibi’s fault.

Dec 2014


Oct 2014

“He’s got no guts.”

Aug 2013

An apartments-for-prisoners formula?