Feb 2019

“He’ll consider any kind of reasonable proposition … there’s a general openness.”

Jan 2019

“She’s never had to be in the position of having to sit down and work through something to a solution.”

” This morning, we learned that the Administration had leaked the commercial travel plans as well.”

Ocasio-Cortez: Why are we funding ICE at all?

Allahpundit Jan 09, 2019 11:21 AM

“The president should be really defending why we are funding such an agency at all.”

Nov 2018

And more places than that as well

Oct 2018

Not a unanimous consensus, it seems

What could possibly go wrong?

Aug 2018

“Maybe Clapper is being nice to me so he doesn’t lose his Security Clearance for lying to Congress!”

“Come on John you’re not a blowhard?”

Sunday morning talking heads

Allahpundit Aug 19, 2018 8:01 AM


“Trump believes he has emerged looking strong and decisive in his escalating feud with Brennan…”

“If you think for a moment that your McCarthy-era tactics will suppress the voices of criticism, you are sadly mistaken.”

“I call it the rigged witch hunt; [it] is a sham. And these people led it!”

“No stunts today, Kevin, okay?”

You get that it’s sort of the idea, right?

Jul 2018

Harder targets

“I think everyone ought to be on record about where they stand on that issue.”

May 2018

“Too inconvenient.”

Apr 2018

“The [FBI’s] non-answer specifically really is an answer, and [it] says they can search our databases.”


Mar 2018
Feb 2018
Jan 2018

“He has no command of the facts. He agrees with the last person who speaks with him.”

Oct 2017

“Creating second-class citizens or people who are never able to naturalize is not a good model.”

Sep 2017

“The topic was discussed. There was no apology.”

“An increased and highly visible police presence will be on campus on September 14.”

“We can’t take just a one-piece fix.”

Aug 2017
Jul 2017

Break-in, threat against GOP Senator in Las Vegas?

Ed Morrissey Jul 17, 2017 10:01 AM


Mar 2017
Feb 2017

“Even now, when the temptation to despair is greatest, I refuse to accept the end of the West.”