safe spaces
Mar 2018

“They can protest, but they can’t stop them.”

Sep 2017

Yes. He looks so threatening

May 2017

Dad Language and real threats.

Apr 2017
Jan 2017

“It’s almost as if, in the face of Trump, liberal America collectively retreated to a “safe space.””

Oct 2016

Not that they’re trying to exclude anyone, you understand…

“Students who have endured trauma such as interpersonal violence…”

No go and think about what you’ve done. Or might do. Or something.

Sep 2016

We have safe spaces, but not for conservative speakers

We must protect free speech and democracy for the children, so shut up

Jun 2016

A thin band of sunlight shines through

May 2016

“Intolerance of alternative viewpoints is spreading…”

“A micro-aggression is exactly that…micro.”