Rep. Trey Gowdy
Mar 2018

“…to review decisions made and not made by the Department of Justice and the FBI in 2016 and 2017”

Feb 2018

Sudden modesty sweeps GOP House caucus

Jan 2018

NYT: New target?

Nov 2017

Gowdy: Er, about that special counsel idea …

Ed Morrissey Nov 15, 2017 12:01 PM

“To say we’re not going to appoint special counsel is not to say we aren’t going to look into anything.”

Mar 2017

Gowdy: Can you arrest a few reporters, then?

Oct 2016

Harry Reid letter “laughable.”

Jun 2016

“My audience are reasonable, fair minded Americans who want to know what happened to four of their fellow citizens…”

“We cannot deprive people of certain things without due process”

“Your May 31st letter was mildly amusing…”

May 2016

“we want to make one final attempt to put politics aside…”

“The memories of those four fallen Americans will settle for the truth.”