Jeff Flake is ready for his close-up, interviews with networks

Republican Senator Jeff Flake has dusted off his old resume and hit the bricks looking for gainful employment once he’s out of office. The junior senator from Arizona is not seeking re-election. Fancying himself the cream of the Never Trump crop, Senator Flake is pursuing a career as a television political pundit. Surprised? How could you be surprised?

Jeff Flake is rife with Trump Derangement Syndrome in front of a camera, but when it comes to his current day job in the U.S. Senate, Flake votes in favor of President Trump’s agenda a healthy 84.3%, according to this analysis from FiveThirtyEight. His beef with Trump isn’t usually a policy thing, it’s personal. The man loves to provide a snarky interview on cable television. In the Age of Trump, he can easily turn his bitterness into a full-time career for, no doubt, considerably more money than he now makes.

So far, it is being reported that Flake has schmoozed with the usual suspects – MSNBC and CNN. He even missed votes during the week because of the meetings.

On Monday, he met with MSNBC president Phil Griffin; and on Tuesday, he met with rival network CNN’s chief Jeff Zucker. Flake was absent Monday for a series of Senate votes that took place around 5:30 p.m. Neither network responded to requests for comment on those meetings.

When asked by The Daily Beast whether he is in talks for a cable-news gig, Flake declined to confirm or deny that the meetings took place.

“That’s down the road—that’s six months,” Flake said with a laugh.

This is the trend now. Exit elected office and enter punditville. Most recently, Pennsylvania Republican congressman Charlie Dent signed on with CNN after he resigned from the House and former Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz is now a contributor on Fox. It looks like S.C. Rep. Trey Gowdy may have caught the bug, too. (The Daily Beast)

And Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC), who will exit the House at year’s end, recently met privately with editorial staff at several networks. A person close to Gowdy told The Daily Beast that Gowdy has been on a “listening tour” that has brought him to MSNBC, Fox News, CBS, and others.

Perhaps Flake is just getting a jump on things as there is such a high number of congressmen not seeking re-election. The Never Trump act is a sure thing in the cable television world.